Columbine Vineyards

  • Services

    • Brand Usage and Creative Assets Audit
    • Social Media Audit
    • Message Testing Strategy
    • Creative Development
    • Media Buying
    • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Goals

    The goal was to analyze data collected throughout three rounds of testing to inform a bigger brand strategy and market opportunity for Columbine Vineyards moving in 2020 and beyond.

  • Strategy

    We developed creative assets and a paid media strategy that focused on three testing pathways, across three audiences. After each round of testing, we collected and analyzed data that measured each pathway’s performance, while cross comparing audiences. From these learnings, we then optimized the subsequent round of testing in order to gain deeper insight to the results. At the conclusion of all three rounds of testing, we compiling detailed post-campaign report with all learnings on messaging, content and audiences based on the three rounds of creative testing. We coupled the learnings with recommended strategies for future campaigns.

  • Results

    • 772,883 Impressions
    • 264,133 Engagements
    • Invaluable details to the specific types of content that the various audiences engaged with, providing the analytical foundation for future campaign strategies backed by data.

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